Audi RNS-E Software List

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Recently i have been doing a fair amount of research into the RNS-E satellite navigation units and the software, so my first post is a handy list of versions and whats different between them.

EU 0030: first known European software
EU 0050: initial release in early 2004
EU 0080:
EU 0100: first release that supports FAT32 on SD cards
EU 0140: never released on DVD
EU 0160: never released on DVD
EU 0170: never released on DVD, last release that supports DVD maps 2005 or older
EU 0330: first version of the “new” software generation, requires DVD 2005_1 or newer
EU 0360: first version supporting “high” features for phone interface, requires new generation of phone interface (C, F or newer)
EU 0450: lots of “issues” reported on several forums
EU 0460: bugfix release on 2006_1 DVD
EU 0550: first 2 DVD set, TMC in UK is now supported
EU 0600: first with rear view camera support, fixes several map issues introduced with the 2 DVD set
EU 0650: first with AUX-in support, MIX bugs fixed

US 0020: first known US software, based on EU 0100
US 0040: improved MP3 support
US 0110: first with support for “high” phone features
US 0150: first without disclaimer
US 0200: MIX bugs fixed
US 0250: never released on DVD
US 0260: first with AUX-In support, but TV mode removed

If you require further information on the RNS-E unit, the is another site here which has more info.

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